Dec. 2022

  • Start studying English with less work

Oct. 2022

  • Developed and released the online booking smartphone application

Jul. 2022

  • Learn application development methods such as test application distribution using Deploy Gate

Jun. 2022

  • Received an order for the development of a smartphone application with Flutter
  • Received an order for the development of an API server for a smartphone application with Laravel

Mar. 2022

  • Received an order for the development of online booking service with Laravel

Feb. 2022

  • Studying Firebase again
  • Designed document structure of Firestore

Dec. 2021

  • Began studying Typescript and used that in my work

Nov. 2021

  • Developed direct debit processing for the first time with Laravel

Jul. 2021

  • Received an order for the development of an online booking system with Laravel

May. 2021

  • Began studying Machine Learning again
  • Joined Kaggle competition and prize 2ng in beginner competition

Apr. 2021

  • Released remote lock service with Akerun API

Mar. 2021

  • Received an order for development with python for the first time

Dec. 2020

  • I was assigned a project for Javascript(polymer) and Firebase

Nov. 2020

  • Released board game system created by Laravel and Vue.js

Sep. 2020

  • Resign Fujitsu Ltd. and became freelance

Aug. 2020

  • Began studying Vue.js
  • Received an order for development with Laravel × Vue
  • Coded with Laravel Echo and Pusher

Jul. 2020

  • Constructed infrastructure with AWS for the first time

Jun. 2020

  • Assigned 5 projects as a side business.
  • I had super busy days
  • Submitted a letter of resignation

Apr. 2020

  • Experienced development with payment services (Stripe and GMO Payment)
  • Keep writing code as a side business

Mar. 2020

  • Began studying React.js
  • Accept an order for continuous development with Laravel

Feb. 2020

  • Began development for a fashion gallery website with Laravel

Jan. 2020

  • Began analyzing boat-race with ML

Dec. 2019

  • Began studying python
  • Began studying Machine Learning
  • Began studying scikit-learn

Nov. 2019

  • Began studying Infrastructure
  • I got certified as an AWS Cloud Practitioner
  • I got certified as an AWS Solution Architect Associate

Oct. 2019

  • Began studying Docker
  • Began studying AWS
  • Began studying Linux

Sep. 2019

  • Began studying Swift
  • Developed card game application with Swift and published
  • Began studying Admin LTE

Jul. 2019

  • Accept an order to create a matching site with Laravel

Jun. 2019

  • Began studying Bootstrap
  • Developed with PHP and Bootstrap
  • Began studying Laravel

May. 2019

  • Received a job in CloudWorks for the first time.
  • Earned 11,000 yen

Apr. 2019

  • I created two WordPress Theme scratch
  • I began studying Web Design and Adobe XD
  • I designed and coded Landing Page

Mar. 2019

  • I began studying JQuery
  • I finished the development of my first WordPress Theme

Feb. 2019

  • I began studying coding WordPress Theme
  • I began studying PHP

Jan. 2019

  • I began studying HTML and CSS

Apr. 2018

  • I joined Fujitsu Ltd.
  • I began studying Java