【Day 1207】Look back experience for community cervice development with Polymer(JS) and Firebase


I have joined the development team for community service with Polymer(JS) and Firebase since December 2020.

This was my first JavaScript project. I was in charge of some jobs. For example, coding a new feature, designing firebase document structure, rewriting to TypeScript from Javascript, and so on.

That made me grow high. I look back at that experiences!

Project Overview

  • Develop with Javascript(Polymer) and Firebase.
  • I'm in charge of coding.
  • Develop with TypeScript after in the middle.

This project had about 20 people, and I was in charge of coding mainly. It was not my job to find production bugs, analyze production data, and manage the production and development environment. I work in the Waterfall model's Design, Coding, and Testing phase.

Initially, I mainly coded HTML/CSS in javascript code to make the website cooler. But, The clients gave me more complex tasks than I used to.

It was different from the work I had done.

This work

  • There are many developers
  • Develop with polymer and Firebase
  • I must work in a part of the Waterfall phase
  • A relatively big system

Others work

  • There are no developers except for me
  • Develop with Laravel and MySQL
  • I must work in all Waterfall phases except for the requirement phase
  • A relatively small system

This work is more ordinary, but sometimes I was confused by that difference.

My first JavaScript development

I often developed with Laravel, but this project's primary language was JavaScript.

To say JavaScript, I was only good at coding with JQuery, and I had the experience to develop Vue.js. But I have yet to receive a review for my Vue.js coding from someone and haven't seen other developers' Vue.js code. I didn't have a confidence in Javascript coding, except for JQuery.

However, I grew my JavaScript coding level through this development because I could watch excellent Javascript code written by JavaScript professionals in this development team. Also, he reviewed my coding! Sometimes it was hard, but I was delighted!

I struggled with JavaScript functions like map and recursive functions. At first, I wondered why people use that problematic function, but now, I think no functions are more valuable and excellent than that function.

I also learned about async/await. I miss the time when I often wrote async and await without understanding.

My first Firebase development

My first experience is not only JavaScript but Firebase too.

It differs from RDB, but I didn't know before joining development. That made me have many mistakes. I learned below.

  • Deep subcollection nest cause many troubles.
  • I must design document structure and security rules simultaneously.
  • Firebase has many limitations. Before starting to design the document's structure, I must get information about that.

I was disappointed when I knew that the whereIn query parameter limit is 10...

Getting good at coding CSS Animation

I initially joined this project in order to create fantastic UI/UX by coding HTML/CSS. I received an Adobe XD file, and I coded every day.

I was embarrassed that I could write and read complex code in HTML/CSS. I have created many websites and that gave me HTML/CSS skills.

But most senior software engineers and developers write something other than HTML/CSS. So, I didn't say 'I was good at coding HTML/CSS' because I wanted to become like who.

However, this project leader evaluated my HTML/CSS skills. I was amazed, and I recognized my HTML/CSS skill is one of my strong points.

When I joined this project, the essential subject was UI/UX. Thus, my HTML/CSS skill was beneficial. Especially getting the animation into this system made develop members pleasure. To write animation, a developer must use both CSS Animation and Javascript. It was only me.

Now, I am proud of my HTML/CSS skills, and I wouldn't hide my HTML/CSS skills.

My first TypeScript coding

About six months ago, this project installed TypeScript, and I had to write TypeScript code.

That is my first TypeScript coding. I thought TypeScript was excellent code!

I hadn't understood why many senior front engineers recommend TypeScript, but I understood. Using Typescript make development lower bugs and coding quickly.

If I develope with JavaScript, I want to use TypeScript from now.

Thank you for reading.

That was a looking back on excellent development experience.

Thank you for reading!