【Day 1460】4 year past to start studying programming


1st February is the day I started to study programming four years ago.

I wonder if it's really only four years past, but it is true.

This is my first post on this blog. That published date is 1st Feb. I could make my dream of becoming a freelance engineer come true! It was excellent stuff!

I initially tried to post about my growing programming to earn money for this blog. But I couldn't do that because I was too busy to write blogs. It is a little disappointing...

For now, I write blogs as a record sometimes. I will keep that from now on.

So, I will write what I think!

Almost Fleerance Engineer didn't as free as they think

Although I wanted to have freedom and became a Freelance Engineer, I don't feel I'm freedom than I expected.

Many Software Freelance Engineers are assigned projects and work with some employees.

Thus, they must work like employees, starting at 9:00 AM and finishing at 6.00 PM.

When I graduated to work as an employee, I was glad not to need to commute. But now, many companies allow employees to work remotely. It is not only freelance.

In my case, I'm not assigned projects. I could work at the time that I wanted to. I had worked at midnight and gone to bed at 8:00 AM.

But now, I think it's best to start working at 10:00 AM and finish at 7:00 PM like ordinary employees.

I must earn more money in a shorter time to get more freedom of time and hours. It is not related to whether I am a Fleerance or not. I thought!

I got excellent growth!

I have grown tremendously in 4 years!

That is obvious to read past posts. I didn't even know how to write HTML/CSS 4 years ago.

Now, I think nothing is easier than HTML/CSS. There are many challenging programming skills other!

Once again, I wrote down the programming languages, frameworks, and so on that I experienced.

HTML, CSS, Sass/SCSS, Bootstrap, TaiwindCSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Vue.js, React, Next.js, polymer, TypeScript, Node.js, Python, scikit-learn, Flask, Selenium, Scrapy, PHP, WordPress, Laravel, Dart, Flutter, Swift, Apache, Nginx, MySQL, Firebase, AWS, GCP, Docker

It is a great volume. I want to tell myself of 4 years ago.

Of course, some of that is used a little. But it's not a lie to have experienced.

The reason I have experienced many skills is due to my clients. I always received great jobs.

Especially, Laravel, Vue.js, Flutte, Javascript, and Firebase are that. They gave me jobs about that when I needed more experience.

I really appreciate them.

What will I do?

I have experienced front-end, back-end, smartphone application, and infrastructure since four years ago.

I feel I became an intermediate in some fields. I want to try the below to become an expert.

  • Learn coding design deeply.
  • Understand how to run programming language. In other words, understand how computers work.
  • Learn about DevOps and Automation QA

Or, I want to try another field — for example, AI, Blockchain, NFT, and more.

Because my name is 'Atomu', the Japanese name for the famous Japanese Animation 'Astro Boy'.

I must work as AI Engineer...

However, I'm learning English now! English is all basis.

I'm going to try that after becoming an English Speaker.

Thank you for reading.

That is my review for four years.

I hope to work in English next year.

I keep learning every day. Thank you!