【Day 1】Getting started learning to become a freelance!


I want to become a freelance

I thought that since I was a university student.

There are no particular reasons why I thought that. But I’m still thinking about it.

Probably, it will continue forever. If that is so, I want to become a freelance engineer as soon as possible!

Let's start blogging about the process of becoming a freelance!

I was determined to learn programming to become a freelance software engineer. I thought it might be interesting to blog about that process.

So, I am trying to write a blog too!

There is a possibility of becoming famous with that blog before I become a freelance software engineer.

Posting every day is too difficult because of my free time. I wish to keep posting one article a week.

About myself

I am writing my information at present. If someone who wants to become a freelance software engineer reads that and gets motivation, I'm happy.

present my information

  • I joined Fujitsu Ltd. this April.
  • I had never experienced programming before joining the company.
  • I understand the most basic rule of coding with Java.
  • I can't write HTML/CSS.
  • age 24
  • I liked mathematics when I was a high school student, so I guess I like programming.

Unfortunately, I can't develop anything by myself.

I want to say confidently, 'I can create web systems by myself'!

If I say that now, I'm just a liar...

I must start learning now!

Start learning about how to create WordPress Theme

Thinking about jobs, I will work as a freelance engineer, and WordPress jobs are the first ones I came up with.

Because I ran my other blog with WordPress 4 years ago, I am used to it. And I have already had a development environment.

According to my research, I will be able to earn some money if I can create WordPress themes! What a simple!


So, I bought that book.

I try learning with this book!

Thank you for reading!

Thank you for reading my first article!

I started learning today. Not until tomorrow!

Thank you!